Do people change Types over the course of their life?

Many people attempt to live in their Secondary Energy Type™ due to preconceived notions of weakness in their Primary Type. Many times the expectations and judgments of others cause some to change their Dominant Type.

This problem has been perpetuated by societal stereotypes and the improper definition of roles in our daily life. As a result, many people live unfulfilled lives, as they are not being true to themselves and their inherent talents and gifts. Your Energy Type™ is one that you are born with and one that stays with you throughout your entire life. What you choose to do with it, is entirely up to you. Many find a FREEDOM in this system they never dreamed was possible.  They also experience increased satisfaction and joy in all of their relationships.

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    brenda hill

    I think this is very true. I lived as a type 2-which is second-while my sister was a type 3 and my mother a type four. I felt I had to be quiet in all things. Until I moved out and became a business woman dressing type 4. I am retired now and I wish I would have allowed myself to be the real me a type 3.

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    I am a type 3 and have always lived accordingly, despite having been a baby boomer and growing up in a then still gender dictated society. I am glad I had strong role model in my mom, was in my assessment a type 4; and who raised the three of us still at school, as a single mother after my dad passed away, when I was eight years of age (as the youngest of six and the only daughter)

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