What is included in the Dressing Your Truth® Online Course?

The Dressing Your Truth® course is a HD quality online video course that takes you through the 5 Elements of Dressing Your Truth® for Type 1℠, Type 2℠, Type 3℠ and Type 4℠, how to choose the most supportive style of Clothing, Jewelry and Accessories, Make-up and application, Hair care/color/cut/style and product application. It is a complete course that teaches you everything you need to know to start Dressing Your Truth® and uncover your beauty-sixth sense!

You will also receive via mail the Style Guide bundle for all four courses. The Style Guides will assist you in your shopping experience to make sure you have the proper movement in clothing you buy on your own. This is an invaluable tool as you start to apply the Dressing Your Truth® model.

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    Thank You! Answered my question quick. LOVE the all the information and the positive experience! You're AWESOME!

    Mmsitchler, for the free beauty profiling be sure to enter your email and request it on the page you are directed to when you first get to the site. You'll receive an email every day for several days covering some really great information. Be happy and beautiful in knowing your true self. Don't give up, try again. :)

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    Kristine Bolstridge

    Thank you, Heidi! We are glad all is well with you!

    MMsitchler, you are welcome to email if you are having difficulty. Carol's free online Beauty Profiling course does not require a password and is available at

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    Sally Hoffman

    Thank you so much for this fab info. I emailed you yesterday with an issue and it was solved ASAP......customer service is the best, now on to the course:O)

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    Sandi Melnick


    I have been able to receive 3 of the online video's only. Please advise where I can access the remaining video's - I have loved watching and learning from Carol and do not want to miss out on the remaining information.

    Thank you

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    Elisea Norton

    Where do I find the perfect curly hair tutorial?

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    Kristine Bolstridge

    Hello Elisea, thank you for your question. The perfect curly hair tutorial is in the Dressing Your Truth course for your Type of beauty. Please visit the course and scroll to the video titled Perfect Curly Hair. Enjoy!

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